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"The battle between rampaging forest gods and humanity cannot end well; there can be no happy ending. Yet, even amid the hatred and slaughter, there are things worthy of life." -- Hayao Miyazaki

Cloud Empress is an ecological science fantasy setting for the science horror tabletop roleplaying game Mothership. Cloud Empress in the land of ten thousand cicadas will be produced as a full-color zine and PDF and is currently in development. The game will be crowdfunded in early 2023. 

Last Voyage of the Bean Barge is a system-neutral starting adventure for the Cloud Empress RPG setting, Mothership, and other science-fantasy games like the Vaults of Vaarn and the Electrum Archive

In Cloud Empress: in the land of ten thousand cicadas, players will explore a land governed by the patterns of giant psychic cicadas. When deadly soldiers from royal lands high above the clouds threaten the balance, the Breadbasket's wheat fields will burn without the players' help.

Features in development:

  • Hex map of a polluted farmland called "Breadbasket" with accompanying environments, dungeons, and adventures 
  • 15+ NPCs
  • One starting adventure, The Last Voyage of the Bean Barge (WIP version available now)
  • An optional Mothership rules hack focused on streamlining play and evoking a science-fantasy setting
  • Four new player classes: the Lordling, the Sellsword, the Magician, and the Courier
  • Warden tools for playing in the world of Cloud Empress
  • Tons of spells, weapons, weapon enchantments, load-outs, locations, encounters, new wounds, new panic responses, and more.

All Cloud Empress content will be compatible with Mothership 1e.


  • Films: Brazil, Angel's Egg, Stalker, Star Wars: A New Hope, Full Metal Alchemist 
  • Books: Nausicaa and the Valley of the Wind, The Books of Earthsea, Dune, Earth-X, The Wizard and Glass, Akira, Dhalgren
  • Games: Null Hack, Electric Bastionland, Wanderhome, Psychologic 2
  • Artwork: Kilian Eng, Moebius, Lando, Thomas Wyeth

Artwork by:

  • pbbeta
  • watt
  • Garin
  • Evlyn Moreau

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Cloud_Empress_Charactersheet_11.20.22.pdf 742 kB
Cloud_Empress_playtest_SRD.pdf 21 MB
CE_Last_Voyage_VOV_LoRes.pdf 1 MB
CE_Last_Voyage_VOV_HiRes.pdf 36 MB


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can this be played solo? im not familiar with mothership rpg


No currently, but I am planning on releasing a solo rules prototype in November or December! Always looking for playtesters for solo content too.

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cool, i would playtest solo

Great, shoot me an email at worldsbywatt@gmail.com and I will get you an early copy!

Hi Watt, this project is super cool! Quick Q on the character sheets before I run my group through a game. Under 'Fear Save', it says "Fear Saves made by friendly players near a Noble are at Disadvantage." Is a "Noblesupposed to be the same as a "Lordling"?

Thanks! Keep up the great work!

Thanks, and good luck running it for your group! Noble should be Lordling, thanks for catching this. I'm not sure when you are running your game, but happy to share my work-in-progress loadouts, spells, and weapons if any of these might be helpful. Also, I'd love to hear your feedback after the session!

Thanks! I'd love to see that if you're willing to share! :) Players are big Ghibli fans, stoked to drop this at game night!

Sure, shoot me an email at worldsbywatt@gmail.com

Saw your ad in Thomas Manual's newsletter, and yeah, you've got my attention

Glad to hear it! I've got lots to share over the next couple of months and please share anything you like or something that could be improved.

Looks amazing! Can't wait for the crowdfund. Will this be compatible with Mothership 1e rules?


Thanks for your support! The idea is that it will be fully compatible with Mothership 1e characters. My plan is to create an optional rules hack for fantasy characters meant to reduce some of Mothership 1e's complexity (mostly using NullHacks weapon rules). Very open to suggestions and input at this stage though!


I've said this on Discord but this looks really fantastic already, I'm really interested to see the finished product.

Thanks for your support, and would love your feedback along the way!

This looks incredible! Best of luck on the development, watt! I will support the crowdfund too.

Thanks for your support!

Is the base Mothership game required for this setting?

(1 edit) (+1)

All necessary rules will be included in Cloud Empress and it will be a stand-alone product.